About Deacon Tim

Welcome to my personal blog page (such that it is).  My name is Tim Weinmann and I am an ordained deacon in the Roman Catholic Church.  I was born and raised in Louisville, KY but have lived in Lexington since 1982.  I’m married to my wonderful wife Babs and between us we have six children.  I am retired as of February 1, 2016 from IBM where I was blessed to complete a 35 1/2 year career.  I am now the Director of Faith Formation for the Cathedral of Christ the King in Lexington, KY.

The reason for setting this blog up goes back four years to 2008 and my ordination to the permanent diaconate in the Catholic Church.  Since then I have been asked from time to time by various individuals for copies of my homilies, which I gladly shared via E-mail and/or hard copy.  Recently, a Facebook page was established by one of my brother deacons here in the Diocese of Lexington with the specific purpose of allowing clergy in our diocese to share their homilies for anyone who would be interested.

So based on the regular requests for my homilies and the establishment of this new Facebook page, I decided I would establish this blog to host some of my homilies so I could then share them through the new Facebook page.

I don’t see myself as a regular blogger so don’t expect regular posts from me but as time allows and the spirit moves me, I may stick my toe in the proverbial blogging waters and see how it goes.  In the meantime, I hope my homilies bring some combination of faith, hope and love to anyone who chooses to read them.

When I came up with the tag line for this blog (“Striving to reflect the embrace of Christ”), those are the words that came to me.  I can only pray that this is what I am about in my diaconal ministry and that here in this blog, my homilies may bring you and others closer to the embrace of the one who loves us beyond our wildest dreams and who longs to embrace us in his saving arms.


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